Thursday, October 21, 2010

New from Fantasia! Cleopatra!

More Shakespeare!

"Cleopatra" was...vaguely inspired by the dress worn by the actress in this summer's Shakespeare production.  I sort of took the idea and let inspiration take me where it wanted to go this time.  This outfit is full of options and accessories, and perfect for your Halloween debute as the infamous beauty.  "Cleopatra" includes two linen shirts (one sheer, one not) to be worn with (or not if you're daring) a skin tight wrap dress.  Gold and gems adorn the top edge, just under the breasts, and the hem.  That's just the dress.  For accessories, there is a gold and silver headdress featuring ankhs, scarabs and golden wings, golden cuff bracelets with silver ankhs, an overdress of sheer gold cloth, and a signature Egyptian styled collar, studded with gemstone cabochons.  This set is available in 6 colors.

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