Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New from Fantasia! A little late xD

Recently I was in a RL "Summer Shakespeare" stage production. Inspired by all the costumes, I decided to make SL versions of them. I'll be releasing these medieval gowns one per week.  I forgot to blog about last weeks release, so here's the makeup post, plus the new release!

"Juliet" is inspired by the gown worn by the actress portraying Juliet during a Summer Shakespeare production I participated in. Sparkling pastel satin, beadwork on the upper arms, fur trim and long belled sleeves...all trimmed with blood red brocade. To quote a friend, its "Foreshadowing in fabric". Available in 6 colors.

"Kate" the infamous 'shrew' of Shakespearian legend has finally arrived at Fantasia. Late of course, but...well it's not like she cares. "Kate" takes some inspiration from aristocratic Italian fashion from the renaissance era, featuring thick velvet with golden brocade overlay, a lowered empire waist to hint at the form underneath, all over a clean white chemise with full sleeves. This costume was a joy to wear (while running from my Petruchio) and I hope you all will enjoy this virtual version. Available in 6 colors.

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