Friday, January 23, 2009

"Hearth" & New Ad Style

After running out of room for a SECOND time, Aria has convinced me to change my ad style. Now there will only be one major sign, with all the colors displayed as the "sign" and underneath will be fabric swatches to purchase the color you want. Give me time, converting will take time!

"Hearth"-A peasanty dress with a linen underdress, dyed cotton over dress, leather waistband and bell sleeves. Enjoy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

New for Slaves!

"Embrace" silks
"Embrace" silks have a sheer, criss-cross silk top and a sculpted silk wrap skirt with a coin decorated hip chain. The coins are slightly flexy to give the appearance of dangling. Available in 6 bright colors (yellow not shown).

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New new new!!

Ok. LOTS of newness! First...I rebuilt the store. Again. Little more open, little more clean, little more like an actual store! It's sectioned off into areas by catagory, there's a sitting area for waiting for the lucky chair, and two /awesome/ items provided by Lucius from Infinity Inc. Basically, you go up to the colorful crates, use the arrows to select the item you want to win, then pop a squat for a certain amount of time to earn it. Nifty huh?

Speaking of that, Fantasia is now not the only store to be found in the area! By TPing to Fantasia, you'll easily find a few partner stores, most notably Elements, Infinity Inc, and Sakinah Silks. Elements, by Sabina Takakura, features some great, detailed silks, panther wear, and now some free women's dresses (see her Pursuit dress on another thread.) Sakinah Silks, by Syngen Sohmers, features beautiful sculpted prim silks and free women's gowns with a middle eastern flair. And Infinity Inc., by Lucius Obviate, features HANDS DOWN the best collars in SL. Clean, fast scripts, valuable options without all the useless laggy ones, and great builds, both for IC and OOC use. He also provided our camping crates, so if you get an item from one of these, be sure to say thank you by checking out his shop. new stuff from Fantasia.
"Resolute" for panthers-300L-mod/nocopy/trans
"Resolute" features a laced leather tank top of sorts with accent stitching, as well as a flex prim skirt with a laced side, sculpted pouches, and a dagger strapped to the back.