Thursday, August 20, 2009


"Reckless" is a simple set of leathers with a slim fitting mini-skirt and a laced top. Available in brown, black, and light leather.

Coming Sept 1st-4th
Elements of Gor
Who needs the so-called "Pillars of Gor" when we can do it so much more fashionably. Taking a new spin on the four elements, we'll be releasing new items based on each element (earth, air, fire & water). So, save the date and keep your ears open for a slide/gust/blast/gush of new released, only from Fantasia and Elements.

Psst...I have a sekrit....
If you follow the path down from the landing zone...
And across the stone bridge....
You'll find Sabi and Dream's new side project.
We're almost ready to open our new brand, so be sure to join the subscriber list so you can find out when it opens (and how to get gifts!)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

More New!

Told you I'd have more releases!

"Escape" is a beaded and leather panther outfit with fun sculpted leggings. Available in three leather colors.

"Rustic" is a simple peasant dress with a striped undershirt and stockings, a burlap corset skirt, a two toned skirt and a floral jacket. Available in 5 colors.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weeeeeee're Open!

Weeeee're open!

We've moved! We have our own sim, big and beautiful and to celebrate, we've got a bunch of new releases for you! I'll be releasing two on Saturday, and two on Sunday.
These are today's releases!

Jewel-200L-mod/copy/no trans
"Jewel" features bright, shimmery, multi-tonal fabric with a gem-touched edging. Available in 5 colors!

Fortune-300L-mod/copy/no trans
"Fortune" is for the well-to-do man. A dual-layer set of robes, edged with gold fabric, featuring velvet and fine linen. Available in 6 colors!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's releases! women and panthers haven't been forgotten!