Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New from Fantasia! 12/21/10

Quite a bit new from Fantasia, including 25L Tuesday items, so hold on to your socks!

"Chill" is a winter variation of panther furs. Leather pants, gathered into a loincloth with loose, open hips and ragged hem. A poncho-like fur top with loose sleeves. Available in 3 leather/fur options.

"Cling" is a tight, clingy sweater dress with a nordic printed knit apron top. Perfect alone, over leather pants (which is by the books Gorean!) or even over the newly released Stockins! The top prim is texture change on touch, so mix and match to your heart's content!

Now, for 25L Tuesday!

"Glovez'n'Stockinz'nSox"-JUST 25L
A set of stripey gloves and stockings and socks, all perfectly matched to the "Cling" outfit (though they'll go with pretty much anything). Great accessories for any role!

"Cling-Holiday"-JUST 25L
"Cling" in holiday colors! Note, this top is NOT texture change! Its just green.

We have alot planned for the new year, so keep an eye out! New designer, new store, new releases! Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the best in the New Year!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New from Fantasia! Tassel!

Well, I'm back from Mexico and...my my my, when did winter get here?!? Must be time to break out the knits and sweaters and pants, oh my! In short...the Winter Wall is back at Fantasia. An ice block wall covered in winter goodness, some new, some from last season, but all sure to keep your character warm no matter what wintery theme they face.

"Tassel" is a big, fluffy, warm looking knit sweater with tasselled edges. The fabric hangs low in front and back, but gathers high on the hip to show off at least a little sexy thigh, while the neckline dips to show other assets. Available for $L250 each, it's available in 5 pale colors. Try it alone, or with some tight pants for a more mainstream look!


PS, totally un-asked for plug here, but if you like the barely parted lips look in this ad, run over to Nomine! Not only do they have great skins (like the one featured here) and clothing, but the owner recently released a freebie enhancement pack including the parted lips look, freckles and more. Parted lips without looking like a rabbit, gotta love it!

PPS, In case you hadn't noticed, I've redecorated around the sim. Winter has fallen over Fantasia Isle, and the frost fairies have been busy. If you explore down by the waterfall by FakE, you might find the passage to their secret home. Abide their rules though!