Thursday, April 23, 2009


Still rollin'

"Fervor" is a set of panther leathers consisting of torn and tied straps and sashes. Included are the top and pants, as well as sculpted arm and legwarmers.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Oh god...I'm on a streak.

"Enthrall" is a fairly simple camisk enhanced by sheer silk, patterned velvet, and lace edging, finished with a matching rope belt. Don't forget to check out the RFL wall in the Fantasia wing for the exclusive RFL color!

Monday, April 20, 2009


After many requests and more debating then I'd care to admit, Fantasia is proud to present "Priceless", a set of robes inspired by the book descriptions of robes of concealment for free women.
"Priceless"-400L-mod/copy/no trans
"Priceless" is a set of robes inspired by the book description of Gorean robes of concealment for free women. Featuring rich, jewel-tone velvet as well as ornate golden embroidery. This extensive set includes shirt, glitchpants, sculpted empire-waist dress, sculpted bell sleeves, sculpted scarf, sculpted two-layer hood, and a matching two-layer veil.

Note:Due to the nature of the empire-waist dress, certain AO poses may interfere with the lines. A script has been included in the skirt to minimize this, and a NC is included with various ways to help avoid issues.