Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Ok, I got behind on blog updates!

"Layered" Panther leathers-Warmer leathers for winter. Each set has a sweater layer, with leather pants and "corset" over it. Available in 3 colors: black, brown, and light.

"Hunter" mens' tunic-Made of mottled fabric, this tunic is available in 4 colors to match the 4 seasons.

"Comfort" dress-A simple knit dress with lacing in the back and a thick, cable knit sweater with turtleneck and wooden buttons. Each dress comes with 4 sweater options. Available in blue, brown, green, grey and red.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Dune" Dress

"Dune" is a desert inspired tunic dress featuring metalic lace, bright silks and brocades, and tiny jewels. The top of the skirt is sculpted, with a tiered flexi skirt extending from it. Available in blue, green, red, teal and yellow.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Panther on the Brain!

I'm getting so horrible at updating my blog! Anyway, since Tarna-ta-Torvis, my tribe, has regrouped, I've had panther on the brain. And not only panther, but panther in autumn. So here are a few new things to keep you panther ladies warmer as winter approaches. Each of these is available in a variety of colors, especially the cloaks!

"Buttoned"-300L-mod/nocopy/trans-available in brown, black and light leather, as well as leopard print

"Stitched"-300L-mod/nocopy/trans-Available in brown, black and light leathers with contrasting fur trim.

Fur Cloaks-100L-mod/nocopy/trans-Available in 6 furs.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Bound" Kirtle/Long Camisk


These kirtle/long camisks come in two types, rough and velvet. The rough ones are made of thick burlap with a rope belt wrapped around the waist, while the velvet ones come in many colors and have 3 belt color options. Each set includes a scripted and non-scripted belt. The scripted belt keeps the waist straight, so that animations don't cause the belt to cut through the avi.

"Bound" in Rough Fabrics-

"Bound" in Velvets-(Only showing a couple colors)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Re-Opening and New Releases

Ok, so I've been really quiet lately and swamped with rl stuff, but I've been working hard. First, a /giant/ new store. Same setup as the old, just much larger. I have multiple Lucky/Wonder Chairs inside, with cuddle areas to wait for your prize, and big open floorspace so you can cam up to the upper levels if you don't feel like climbing stairs. Oh, and new releases! I'll show you one color option of each so we don't get overwhelmed in one post.

Noble-Raw silk and rich brocades

Freya-A northern woman's dress of soft suede, thick wool, and crushed velvet

Formal-A formal tunic for the men featuring crushed velvet and metalic accents

Companion-A free woman's companionship gown in white lace and lace overlayed velvet

Patched-A working slave's tunic

Decadent Tunic-A slave tunic to match the Decadent free women's gowns

Friday, September 26, 2008

"Leisure" Tunics

"Leisure" is a soft, comfortable tunic meant for lounging around the home or simply any time full caste regalia isn't needed. Available in 6 variations of neutral colors.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

2 New Things!

Newness! Two things, scroll down!

"Tied" Panther Leathers
"Tied" panther leathers are just that; tied. The top is tied over one shoulder and left to drape over the upper body, while a bit of ragged leather is used as a sarong over "panty" cut leathers on the bottom. Special attention was paid to wrinkling on this piece because of its draped appearance. Available in 4 colors: black, brown, and light leather, and now a new leopard print.

"Scripted FW Veil Set"
This set for free women consists of a draped hood and veils. Both are scripted to color and texture change at a touch, and the veil is scripted so that one may remove the outer "street" veil, leaving just the sheer "house" veil. The textures used match the "Underthings" set so they can be used together, and the hood and veil can be changed independently of each other. Also, the veil attaches to the left ear, so one can wear prim lashes or other forms of eye and brow adornment.

Friday, September 12, 2008

"Huntress" panther leathers

"Huntress" panther leathers

"Huntress" is a remake of an old favorite. This version features a deep-v neckline with leather lacing and chip stone beads, as well as tie closures in the back. "Huntress" is available in 3 colors of soft leather.

Friday, September 5, 2008

"Decadent" for Women

"Decadent" FW Gown
"Decadent" is actually a victorian styled dress with oriental (read near east) inspirations. The dress can be worn with or without the jacket layer. The dress features "frog" button closures and a layered skirt, while the jacket features a detailed ribbon edge and sculpted cuffs. Available in the high caste colors as well as two random colors. Matching hood and veil set only available at the main store.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Simplicity" for FW

"Simplicity" is a simple, rough-spun set of FW robes for the less affluent free woman. The underdress is on its own layer, so it may be tinted independently of the rest of the dress, allowing for infinite combinations to match any caste. Includes the underdress, overdress with flex empire skirt, glitch pants, glitch skirt, and flex sleeves.

Monday, August 25, 2008


"Stray" is a set of ripped, ragged, patched clothing for she-urts and strays. Its made of very rough material, maybe even canvas sacking, patched and wrapped around, fastened with a rope belt and pouch. Dirt and stains mark the entire outfit, adding to the dirty appeal. Includes top, glitchpants, and flex skirt with sculpted pouch.

To compliment the dirty look of "Stray" I made some hopping particle fleas for your hair! Just wear and revel in your dirty!