Monday, June 2, 2008

Re-Branding (Re-post)

So, I've decided to re-brand and re-build my business. What does that mean for you guys now? Well, starting next week, most everything in the Fantasia:Fantasy Clothier line will be going on sale! The only outfits that will remain full price are the few select items I plan to bring along to the new format. This is literally a total of about 10 different outfits (I have almost 200 now).

With the advent of the new search, I'll be formatting my new main store after most apparel stores in SL. No more laggy vendors and endless clicking. I'll have a store, with my items displayed on the walls. This will force me to have fewer actual items for sale, but it will mean I won't be hanging on to items that never sell. You'll be able to walk in, see all the items displayed easily, and make your selections without worrying about the vendor not delivering or freezing up. Yay!!

For you online and market shoppers, I will be moving over to the OnRez system. The vendor system is easy like the Hippo system I've been using, but a (major!) plus side is that anything I load into a vendor also gets loaded onto their lovely shopping website. Trust me guys, if you haven't visited the OnRez website yet, do! The items seem to be of much higher quality then that which is listed on, and there are very few "business in a box" scams (read:Stolen merchandise that you can sell too!) OnRez seems to care about what is being listed, and that makes me happy. :D

This whole re-branding changeover will probably take awhile. First the sale, then rebuilding (reparcelling) my store, and of course making several outfits to suprise you guys when we re-open. I hope you're as excited as I am!!


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