Thursday, June 19, 2008

We're Opennnnnnn....

So, I haven't posted out to the groups yet, but shhhh....Fantasia's reopened and ready for you. Here are sneak peaks. I'm only going to show one color of each, it'd be a huge post if I did them all.

Wanderer-A nice medieval woman's rogue outfit with leather corset top, linen shirt with sculpted sleeves, leather pants and a surcoat. Available in black, brown and green.

Modesty-A modest dress fashioned after a modern muslim women's formal gown. Includes the hijab. Comes in blue, green, red, and yellow.

Golden-Panther girls were described as wearing the "brief skins of animals and golden ornaments." Well finally, here's an outfit that actually fits that description. Its available in black, brown and light.
Hathor Dress-A simple egyptian linen dress. The top is slightly sheer, and may be taken off. The rest of the dress is striped and glittery fabric in blue and gold. Currently there are no other available colors, however I may add others.
Honor-A comfortable men's tunic. The bell sleeves are flex, as well as the skirt portion which features a heavy sculpted belt. Its available in blue, green, red, and yellow.

Roma-A metalic breastplate and tab skirt which is scripted so you can change the color and texture of the fabric under the metalic tabs. Its available in silver and gold, as well as a black leather and gunmetal combination.

Tribe-A tied top and shorts which tie at the hips, as well as some fun flexy leggings. Its available in black, brown, and light.

Those are the new items. They can be found on the first floor of the new building. Don't forget to check out the other shops around the store! The sale on my old items will continue until I get around to changing the vendor spots over to OnRez. I hope you enjoy!

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