Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Release Fair Outfits

Today is the opening of the New Releases Fair at the Summerlands Market, and as a merchant, I got to participate in my own event! I made two outfits that are debuting at the Fair, then won't be available again until the rebuild of my store is done. So, sneak peak at new clothing and the new branding images!

Dauphine-Inspired by the dress on the cover of "Kushiel's Justice" this dress has a brocade and satin front-laced corset with satin off the shoulder sleeves and a satin dress. Its a fairly slim skirt, flaring low on the hips.

Court Gown-This is a fairly traditionally inspired Elizabethian court gown. The brocade corset is laced up the back, with long sleeves in a contrasting fabric which is repeated in the skirt. The satin underbodice has a high lace collar, traditional for the style. The dress is a wide, sweeping skirt, split in the front to expose the underskirt, with a jewelled girtle at the hips.

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