Friday, October 24, 2008

Re-Opening and New Releases

Ok, so I've been really quiet lately and swamped with rl stuff, but I've been working hard. First, a /giant/ new store. Same setup as the old, just much larger. I have multiple Lucky/Wonder Chairs inside, with cuddle areas to wait for your prize, and big open floorspace so you can cam up to the upper levels if you don't feel like climbing stairs. Oh, and new releases! I'll show you one color option of each so we don't get overwhelmed in one post.

Noble-Raw silk and rich brocades

Freya-A northern woman's dress of soft suede, thick wool, and crushed velvet

Formal-A formal tunic for the men featuring crushed velvet and metalic accents

Companion-A free woman's companionship gown in white lace and lace overlayed velvet

Patched-A working slave's tunic

Decadent Tunic-A slave tunic to match the Decadent free women's gowns

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