Thursday, September 18, 2008

2 New Things!

Newness! Two things, scroll down!

"Tied" Panther Leathers
"Tied" panther leathers are just that; tied. The top is tied over one shoulder and left to drape over the upper body, while a bit of ragged leather is used as a sarong over "panty" cut leathers on the bottom. Special attention was paid to wrinkling on this piece because of its draped appearance. Available in 4 colors: black, brown, and light leather, and now a new leopard print.

"Scripted FW Veil Set"
This set for free women consists of a draped hood and veils. Both are scripted to color and texture change at a touch, and the veil is scripted so that one may remove the outer "street" veil, leaving just the sheer "house" veil. The textures used match the "Underthings" set so they can be used together, and the hood and veil can be changed independently of each other. Also, the veil attaches to the left ear, so one can wear prim lashes or other forms of eye and brow adornment.

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