Sunday, July 17, 2011

New from Fantasia!

Well, it looks like Google has finally pulled its head out of its butt, and we can post again!

New from Fantasia!
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Nadia Wraps - What better way to celebrate summer than a wrap? Nadia is a linen wrap, adorned with tropical flowers in contrasting colors and a dainty chain to keep it all together. It's low slung enough to show off your curves, but still modest enough to cover your nay-nay.
Comes in 5 great colors, for 100L each, or get the fatpack for 400L!


"Workin' Girl"
mod/copy/no trans (prims may say no mod, but only because of script, the build is mod)

"Workin' Girl" is, as expected, for the girls who have to get a little dirt on their hands. It's a rough tunic made of burlap with a few dirt splotches, accented by a gingham tied waist sash and matching patch pocket. Shoved in that pocket is a little handful of sunflowers, because even a working girl wants to feel pretty. Available in 5 colors, and the pocket/sash are scripted to change to 5 different gingham colors. Just touch the pocket to change them.


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