Thursday, January 27, 2011

New at Fantasia!

Oh, it must be nice to be rich, right? Well this week we have releases for those privileged few, the wealthy among us.

"Lavish" is a more classically cut garment of supple silk and brocade. Included is the dress itself, as well as a capelette, golden armband and bracelette. Available in 6 sets of contrasting colors.


"Sedan Chair" & "Sedan Chaise" - 500L - mod/NOCOPY/trans
Who wouldn't want to be carried around the city, laid out in the lap of luxury whilst proclaiming to the poor pedestrians, "I'm so much better then you." These pieces of furniture are made just to help you do that. Both are carried by slaves, the chair at shoulder height and the chaise at hip height. The tunics of the slaves are both color change at a click. The chair has several texture options, while the chaise can have the padding and pillows all set to different textures. Both are worn as attachments, so you don't have to worry about rezzing it. Just wear and go!


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