Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gor-Fest and "Serra"

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge supporter of the Relay for Life in SL. The daughter of a survivor, and the niece of a woman who lost her battle with cancer this year, I've been very involved in the RFL this year. So, in one of the final drives of the year, I'm participating in Gor-Fest.

Gor-Fest is 2 full sims of gorean merchants, with live musical events at a large stage, running from the 8th-13th. Please stop on by, even if you're not a gorean roleplayer. There are tons of different merchants ranging from furniture to jewelry to clothing, as well as great musical acts to enjoy.

And for me...there's a new release! It won't be released at the store until after Gor-Fest, so if you want it first, you're gonna have to come down to the event! Muahahaha!

"Serra" is a sparkley mini-dress with a large cutout section featuring sheer cloth and swirly mesh. Available in 6 bright colors, this is perfect for use both in slave rp...or in a club! Enjoy!

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