Saturday, March 14, 2009


For the past two years I've been involved with the Relay for Life in Second Life. Last year, the team I captained raised over 300k in linden dollars, with just a small number in the group. This year I'm part of a much larger group, with high hopes to raise even more. This year, I was also invited as a designer to participate in the RFL Clothing Fair. Seven sims, over 170 designers, each with new releases and some items made with the intention that every purchase goes directly to RFL. are my teasers of my new releases!

The Clothing Fair theme this year is "Pirates" so I chose a new take. Inspired by the song "Airship Pirates" from Abney Park, these costumes are a little on the steampunky side. All three are RFL Exclusives, and every penny from their sales goes directly to RFL.

Samson-New Release for men! Guardian helped me webcrawl for inspiration, and wouldn't you know "Robin Hood-Prince of Thieves" is a pretty darned good source! Available in red/silver, blue/brown, green/brown, and silver/silver.

Kanti Silks-Based on the sanskrit word for "beauty" these silks are made of soft velvet with silvery floral accents. Available in blue, green, purple, red, and black.

Exposure Panther Leathers-As summer approaches some women who play the role of panther girl have expressed interest in going topless. Well...topless doesn't mean unadorned. Four strands of carved stone beads adorn while a long belted leather kilt provides...some...coverage. Available in black, brown, leopard and light.

Bina Silks-Slaves are known to adorn themselves with small wooden beads called bina. These silks feature those beads as well as two-toned, sheer panels of pleated silk. Available in blue/silver, red/blue, green/gold, indigo/pink, and teal/pink.

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