Monday, March 17, 2008

Introducing-Fantasia Underground

So, after shopping for stuff to wear DJing, and going, "You know, I can do this better", I finally did! Introducing Fantasia:Underground. Fun, punky, gothy, clubby, rocky girls clothing. Lots of plaid, camo, metal, and fishnet in the future for me! I'm thinking my skins may also go into this new line, as many will have makeup in bright, fun colors, maybe even made specifically to match the clothing. Due to the fact I'll have to redo my whole store to reorganize my current clothing, and make room for the new line, I won't have vendors for this at my main location for a bit (at least until after the tournament, so I can move the arena). But look for vendors at places like Primal Chaos, Pulse, and Punk'd, because thats were I'll be aiming. And now, for the previews! Each of these comes in multiple colors.

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