Friday, February 8, 2008

New-Rider Outfit

This outfit was made for Dragon Rider roleplayers. Thick fur lines tough wher hide, warm enough to go "Between", and tough enough to face Thread. Jodhpur detailed pants keep the legs comfortable while fighting Thread for hours. A thick riding belt with four clip loops keep the rider secured to the riding straps. And when the battle with Thread is done, the jacket can be discarded in favor of the lighter woven undershirt. This comes in three colors; black, dark brown, and light brown. Each set comes with the shirt, pants, and 3 jacket variations (open, closed, and half open). Enjoy!
Thanks to Nekome for her drawing which I used as a background. Thanks to Soo for Gianfar, a Dragons of Pern tribute sim!

1 comment:

Soo said...

Wooooot! I love this outfit!

Perfect for those chilly "between" dragon flights, but light enough to be worn around the Weyr. :D

You rock! ~ Soo